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Gina Gunaratnam spreads information to a community of physicists at the European Physical Society in Mulhouse.
She learnt printmaking at the evening classes of the Art school of Mulhouse and through workshops.
Since 2014 she works as volunteer at the Basel Paper Mill one Sunday per month. She prints her own work for exhibitions and explains printmaking techniques to visitors.
In 2017, together with the volunteers of the Paper Mill, she won the Schappo Prize of the City of Basel.
[vc_divider type= »hatching »]Exhibitions
• 2018 – Travelling Light, Cour des Chaînes, Mulhouse (prints and photos).
• 2018 – Tea Time, Café Tivlist, Mulhouse.
• 2017 – A l’Orée, L’Essence du Thé, Colmar (prints).
• 2016 – Portraits de théières, librairie Le Liseron, Mulhouse (prints and drawings).
• 2015 – A l’instant thé…, L’Essence du thé, Colmar.
• 2015 – Lux incognita. Maison de l’Etudiant, Université de Haute-Alsace, Mulhouse. Lux Incognita on the IYL2015 blog.
• 2015 – Bestiaire, librairie Le Liseron, Mulhouse.
• 2015 – Wunderlicht, Maison de l’Etudiant, Université de Haute-Alsace, Mulhouse.
• 2012 – A Fleur de Barbe, group exhibition with Francis Hungler. Bibliothèque Municipale, Grand’Rue, Mulhouse.
• 2012 – Group exhibition with the association « Les Ustensibles ». Tribunal de Grande Instance, Mulhouse.
• 2010 – Les Couleurs de l’Inde. Au Rendez-Vous des Épices, marché de Mulhouse.
• 2007 – Photographs. Galerie Les Essences de l’Art, St-Louis.
[vc_divider type= »hatching »]Ateliers Ouverts 2005-2017
• With the associations « Rue des Verriers » and « Les Ustensibles »
• Exhibitions at the Ateliers Municipaux de la Ville de Mulhouse between 2014 and 2016
• Invited by the association « L’Art et la Matière » in 2017 to show prints made with recycled material from the association.
[vc_divider type= »hatching »]Workshops and special events
• November 2017 – I received the Schappo Prize of the City of Basel together with the volunteers of the Basel Paper Mill for our work in the museum
• November 2015 – Catching the light (but not too much), article about the exhibition Lux Incognita on the blog of the International Year of Light in 2015.
• October 2015 – I run a workshop for children aged from 5 to 11 at the Ateliers Pédagogiques d’Arts Plastiques (APAP) in Mulhouse. Several print techniques presented. Slideshow of workshop.
• Spring 2015 – my work is quoted in the Dictionnaire des signatures des peintres, dessinateurs, lithographes et graveurs alsaciens by Robert Wetzig (Ed. Do Bentzinger)
• 2015 – Wunderlicht, a selection of photos printed in EPL, a journal of physics letters (image gallery published in EPL) to celebrate the International Year of Light
• From 2014 to 2016 – studio at the Ateliers Municipaux de la Ville de Mulhouse.
• Since 2014 – I work as a volunteer printmaker at the Basel Paper Mill. Printing my own works and explaining print techniques to visitors.
• Since 2015 – I participate in the Museumsnacht Basel at the Basel Paper Mill.
• Since 2018 – I participate in the Wochenende der Grafik (Basel Paper Mill, Druckwerk, Kunstmuseum Basel).